In the late 90s and early 2000s I used to make mixtapes of hip hop and r&b. My dad had some tape recorders & a keyboard and attempted to make tracks himself. I later attempted to mix between tapes & tracks but we just didnt have the equipment to pull it off. 

In 2005 I started to mix together hip hop instrumentals I would find on the internet. Kind of like the mixes I do today but the very beginning stuff. These were just software programmed mixes I had no mixing hardware. 

I started to watch more DJ's and aspired to pick up some legit equipment. In 2008 I picked up a pair of Technics M3D's and gave it a shot.

I went through many different monikers initially, because of a lot of negative feedback I was receiving at first. After I improved a bit I went by lilbroz on WaxDJ. You can find those choppy mixes from many years ago here.

Then came the moniker Kornmanz sometime in 2010ish. Music production was what I was trying now using Fruity Loops Studio. I was also getting much better at mixing. These mixes have been mostly lost to copyright takedowns, constant changing of hosting, a NAS going out & well let's just say RIP. (If you still have one of those working CDs, I don't even have a copy of those mixes so thats cool.) 

Some mixes and productions were then posted to DJForums and huge internet fights broke out. The threads and posts got so large that the forums constantly crashed and I was eventually banned for starting "flame wars" & quite literally breaking their old servers and website.

It was a good time. Succesful troll is successful. 

Yeah, it was time for a new moniker...


Then came DJZ. Under this name things got a bit more serious. Started using Ableton Live. Thousands of CD's were distributed manually at shows in the New Mexico area between 2009-2013. 


Bookings at local venues & large events were sparse. However, I was able to mix at plenty of private events to hone my skills. 


These mixes I came up with during these times were featured in online radios and were amassing many plays on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, & other platforms. (Also under the name ZZZ) 


In the production world I entered many remix competitions. This spurned remixes of everything and anything. If you were into electronic music around 2011-2013 you may have seen one of the remixes floating around the internet. Usually named Z's mix, Z's Remix, or DJZ Remix. There were also many mashups of popular songs made that started to get global attention. I also released multiple albums & singles on the growing during this time. 

(90% of these are gone.)

In 2011-2013  my soundcloud page /djz was grabbing hundreds of thousands of streams per bootleg remix of top 100 songs. I just wanted to be heard so I remixed everything.  


I was sent quite a few take down notices and the page was shut down. 

Around this time another company trademarked the name DJZ and created The website promoted stars such as Skrillex, Deadmau5, David Guetta and many other high profilers. When I contacted them they would not feature my music on their platform. 


At this point the world's "DJZ" fanbase probably thought it was someone on the platform, maybe an alter ego of some already established artist. Either way it was like my music never quite existed anymore. I had all my eggs in the soundcloud basket. Combined with my affinity for illegally remixing songs I didn't have the rights to remix cost me everything. ended up changing their name to some other crossfader app or djing app anyway so it was all for nothing. 


Skipping forward now it's 2015 and I was diagnosed with cancer, & disappeared. Everything fell through and there was no inclination this music thing would ever happen again. Sold all my gear and "packed it up".

This is where Illegal NoiZe was started. I couldn't stay away from working on music. 


I picked up different pieces of studio plugins, software, and equipment. It was like an addiction to crack but more expensive. 


I basically just sat there making shit tons of beats. 85% of these beats were "test beats" being used to work on weaknesses in different production areas. They will never be heard. 800+ tracks & experiments made just to disappear as a testament to "the grind". 

2017 I was officially cleared of cancer. 


2019 marks the year I decided to distribute my music and get it heard again. I released the first album in many years.  

Here's to seeing what the future brings..