This is a long story. 10+ years worth. But, do you remember DJZ? 


Illegal NoiZe was an aspiring DJ/Producer in 2007. In 2008 he picked up a pair of Technics M3D's and started his DJ path under many names.

First was Axno/Azno/Asno. Everything released under this name was extremely experimental as it was a learning process. Mixes contained "trainwreck" transitions of finely selected music. Stuff was posted online and was immediately critiqued so viciously a name change was immediately needed. 

After that came Lilbroz. Under this moniker more mixes were released on WaxDJ. Mixing transitions were much smoother than before and there was energy in the mix-sets. Mixes such as  "Electro Disco" were the first to get popularity. Showing the love for the growing genre "Electro House". More mixes were released but plays only ever totaled a few thousand. That profile still lives to this day thanks to the team at waxdj not deleting old accounts. You can find those choppy mixes from 10 years ago here.

Then came Kornmanz sometime in 2010ish. Music production was on the menu with Fruity Loops Studio. DJ Mixes were starting to show technical prowess. These mixes have been mostly lost to copyright violations, constant changing of hosting, a NAS going out & well let's just say RIP. (If you still have one of those working CDs, I don't even have a copy of those mixes.) 


Mixes were posted to car forums such as nicoclub and zilvia where people there actually enjoyed them. Mixes/Productions were then posted to DJForums and huge internet fights broke out. The threads and posts got so large that the forums constantly crashed and Kornmanz was eventually banned for starting "flame wars" & quite literally breaking their old servers.  

It was a good time boys. 


All of this publicity, even if bad, was still publicity. This launched the next name. 


Following Kornmanz was the birth of DJZ. Under this name things got a bit more serious. DJZ switched to Ableton Live. 

To get bookings promo was done by hand. Thousands of CD's were distributed. 


Due to both personal attitude, and the toxicity of the scene itself, bookings were sparse. 


However, people still liked the Music in the DJ Sets that were being put out. There was always high energy in the mixes and transitions were better than ever before. CDJ 1000's were king. These were good times in private parties DJZ orchestrated & attended.


The mixes were featured in online radios and were amassing many plays on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, & other platforms. (Also under the name ZZZ) 


In the production world DJZ entered many remix competitions. This spurned remixes of everything and anything. If you were into electronic music around 2011-2013 you may have seen one of the remixes floating around the internet. Usually named Z's mix, Z's Remix, or DJZ Remix. There were also many mashups of popular songs made that started to get global attention. DJZ released multiple albums & singles on the growing beatport.com. 

(Many of these are gone. Some are still left. The labels just disappeared, whatever. Never got paid ofc)

In 2011-2013 DJZ's soundcloud amassed over a million worldwide streams. His music was showing up on download sites across the world and on region specific forums in many languages where fans were discussing the beats. This is where DJZ grabbed the wrong kind of attention by high level music executives. 

DJZ at this point was infamous for remixes/bootlegs of music that Universal Music Group and Sony owned rights to. Other rights owners also flagged many other songs. DJZ lost his soundcloud account in 2014.

Around this time another company trademarked the name DJZ and created djz.com. The website promoted then rising stars such as Skrillex, Deadmau5, Diplo and many others (basically all the big names). When this company was contacted they would not feature DJZ's music on their platform. They instead offered to buy the soundcloud account from DJZ. They knew who he was and used the growing name to launch their new DJ mixing app. Crossfader? They may have changed their name. 


Many people may have never known who the real DJZ was thanks to that group & the combined effort of SONY/UMG (Sony's and UMG's efforts were warranted. The vocals used were owned by them.)


At this point the world's DJZ fanbase probably thought it was someone on the djz.com platform, maybe an alter ego of some already established artist. 


Now it's 2015 and DJZ was no longer, diagnosed with cancer, & disappeared from the local scene. Music never stopped being made though. Nothing could stop the urge to be creative. Everything fell through and there was no inclination this music thing would ever happen again. Only a sliver of hope remained.

2015 - 2016 broke jaw, 6 teeth, nose & had facial reconstructive surgery along with multiple surgeries to remove the tumor and a maximum dose of radiation. 

This is where Illegal NoiZe was born. In a really dark place.


New styles of music started being created. iN picked up a MPC Touch, a new keyboard, better headphones, monitors, a very high end computer, software & more plugins. (thanks to the support of friends and family)


These tools were used to redefine styles. The quality continued to rise. 85% of these beats were "test beats" being used to work on weaknesses in different production areas. They will never be heard. 800+ tracks made just to disappear as a testament to "the grind".

2017 was officially cleared of cancer. 


2018 started working on music much more often. 

iN's inner circle of friends stuck around. Cancer free and looking to the future.These friends always kept him motivated to continue music. They saw talent even when he struggled to see it in himself. 

A new soundcloud page was made but he never promoted it. All the gems were picked out and were being held onto. 


2019 marks the year Illegal NoiZe decided to try this music thing all over again. The first album in many years (a compilation of the gems) was released.  

2020 is bringing something new to music. The idea is to have you experience sound in a new way. 

Stay tuned